Government of Western Australia - Business Migration Centre

Visa 132 - Business Talent

This visa is available for high-calibre business people who have a genuine commitment to operate a business in Australia.

Significant Business History Stream

This visa provides permanent residence status at the first stage. You must be nominated by the Government of Western Australia to apply for this visa. State Nomination criteria includes:

Before proceeding with a 132 Business Talent application please refer to the 132 State Nomination Application Process.

Venture Capital Stream

Before proceeding with a 132 Business Talent application please refer to the 132 State Nomination Application Process.

132 State Nomination Application Process

  1. You will need to complete the 132 Business Talent State nomination application form, pay the nominated fee and submit your application with supporting documentation to the Business Migration Centre for conditional approval. No formal business proposal is required at this stage however details of the proposed business activities will need to be provided in the application form.
  2. If your application is assessed as meeting the criteria, conditional nomination is granted and you are advised to attend an interview with a Government of Western Australia officer either in Perth or the nearest overseas post. If your interview is successful, you will be granted full State Nomination and you can now proceed with lodging your EOI with SkillSelect.
  3. Six months from the date of State Nomination approval, you will be requested to provide a more detailed business proposal and evidence that research into your proposal has taken place. You will need to demonstrate you have a genuine intention of investing and engaging in a business activity in Western Australia.

    Failure to provide a satisfactory response may result in the withdrawal of your State Nomination by the BMC.

    Supporting documentation accompanying your business proposal should include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Evidence of in depth business research and a realistic business concept.
    • Third party evidence of communication, meetings and/or negotiations with prospective vendors, suppliers and/or buyers.
    • Prior travel to Western Australia.
  4. On your initial entry to Western Australia, after your visa is approved, you are required to attend a meeting with a business migration officer in order to further assess the progress of your proposed business activities. You will be required to confirm contact details for monitoring purposes.
  5. You will be sent a questionnaire for monitoring purposes at 12 months after visa approval, 24 months and 36 months.

    Failure to respond  may result in the BMC not supporting your application at the Department of Immigration and Border Protection monitoring stage.

    You must complete and return each questionnaire and demonstrate how you are meeting the conditions of your State Nomination Agreement, including:
    • Total capital transfer to WA
    • Business investment
    • Type of business activity
    • Location of business activity
    • Employment generation

Upon arrival in Western Australia, Business Talent visa holders are expected to quickly become actively involved in business in Western Australia and are subject to monitoring by both the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and the Government of Western Australia to assist them fulfil their business activities.

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