Application fee online payment

A non-refundable fee applies for all business nomination applications lodged with the Government of Western Australia. You must make your payment online prior to lodging your nomination application. Please ensure that you retain a copy of the receipt and reference number provided upon completion of payment. You must include the reference number where indicated on your nomination application form.

Please note: The fee will not be refunded if an application is refused or withdrawn. You can only make one payment at a time.

To make a payment

Please choose the relevant visa type below and proceed to the payment page

State Nomination Application Fee AUD$750

  • Visa 188 Business Innovation (Provisional)  
  • Visa 188 Business Innovation Extension (Provisional) 
  • Visa 188 Entrepreneur (Provisional) 
  • Visa 188 Investor (Provisional) 
  • Visa 188 Significant Investor (Provisional) 
  • Visa 188 Significant Investor Extension (Provisional) 
  • Visa 405 FAO (Provisional) 
  • Visa 132 Business Talent (Migrant) 
  • Visa 888 Business Innovation (Permanent) 
  • Visa 888 Significant Investor (Permanent)
  • Visa 888 Investor (Permanent) 
  • Visa 892 State Sponsored Business Owner (Permanent) 
  • Visa 893 State Sponsored Investor (Permanent) 

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