Visa 888 - Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent)

Business Innovation Stream

All State nomination application forms have been updated as at 1 November 2019. Please ensure you use a current application form or it may be returned with a request for an updated application.

This visa is available for holders of the 188 Business Innovation and Investment - Business Innovation Stream visa.

State nomination criteria

Western Australian State nomination criteria includes:

  • you were the primary visa applicant, and met the primary criteria for the grant of your provisional Business Innovation and Investment visa. Or, you are the secondary applicant and meet the criteria for the Subclass 888
  • you have owned and managed up to two actively trading businesses in Western Australia during the last 24 months*
  • you have been resident in Australia for at least one year in the two years immediately before application – applicants are expected to have purchased a residence in Western Australia
  • your main business or main businesses had a turnover of at least AUD$300,000 during the last 12 months (unless the Government of Western Australia has determined that there are exceptional circumstances)
  • unless the Government of Western Australia has negotiated a change to your business proposal, you must have met the conditions of the State Nomination Agreement of your provisional business visa, including:
    • total net assets in Western Australia
    • total net assets in Business in Western Australia
    • type of business activity
    • location of business activity
    • new employment creation

* You have not acquired the ownership in your main business (or two main businesses) from a person who was an applicant for, or a holder of, a permanent Business Innovation and Investment visa (subclass 888) or a permanent business skills visa (in subclasses 890, 891, 892 or 893), unless you and that person had a joint interest in the main business for at least one year before you lodge your application for this visa.

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