Visa 888 - Business Innovation and Investment - Significant Investor Stream (permanent)

Please note that from 1 July 2020 all applications for State nomination must be lodged through our new online application system. Applications received by email or in hard copy after this date will not be processed.

Due to COVID-19 we are conducting all interviews with clients by telephone. Personal appointments will also be replaced by telephone interviews at the Western Australian Government Trade Office in Shanghai until further notice.

If you have an appointment with our staff, or intend to make one, please contact us on to arrange the appointment by telephone.

This visa is available for holders of the 188 visa Business Innovation and Investment – Significant Investor Stream visa.

State nomination criteria

To apply for Western Australian State nomination you must have met the following conditions:

  • you have lived in Australia for a total of at least 160 days in the four years immediately before you apply for this visa, or that your partner has lived in Australia for a total of at least 720 days (as required by the Department of Home Affairs)
  • you have held complying investments continuously for the entire time you held your 188 Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (as required by DIHA)
  • unless the Government of Western Australia has approved a change to your business proposal, you must have met the conditions of the State nomination agreement of your provisional visa; including,
    • maintaining your funds in any Western Australian asset upon maturity of your complying investments;
    • You and any family members (dependents) residing in Australia are required to live and study in Western Australia.

Note: The rules in force at the time you applied for your original subclass 188 visa in the Significant Investor stream will apply to you when your application for a subclass 888 visa is assessed.

If you applied for your provisional visa (subclass 188) in the Significant Investor Stream before 1 July 2015, you are eligible to apply for a subclass 888 visa after holding your provisional visa for three years and 11 months. If you applied for your provisional visa after 1 July 2015, you are required to hold your provisional visa for at least four years before applying for a subclass 888 visa.

Lodging your application

Before proceeding please ensure you have read all the requirements of the 888 visa criteria at the Department of Home Affairs website. Where you can also find details of all Australian migration programs.

Once you start your application, you can save it as you progress and return to it later. If you are completing the application on behalf of someone else, please ensure you save the application before submitting it so the applicant can personally complete the Applicant Declaration.

You will be required to attach documents throughout the application, please ensure any documents not in English are translated, and a copy of both the original and translated versions are included. Please do not include any personal information such as birth certificates, tax file numbers etc.

Due to upload limitations, please only provide the relevant pages addressing the criteria and not the full document.

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