Visa 893 - State Sponsored Investor (Permanent)

All State nomination application forms have been updated as at 1 November 2019. Please ensure you use a current application form or it may be returned with a request for an updated application.

This visa is available for holders of the 165 State Sponsored Investor (Provisional) visa.

State nomination criteria

Western Australian State Sponsorship criteria include:

  • you were the primary applicant for your 165 visa

  • you have held your designated investment for at least four years OR your investment is due to mature within the next three months

  • you have been resident in Western Australia for a total of at least two years during the last four years

  • you have a genuine and realistic commitment to maintain a business or investment activity in Western Australia

  • unless the Government of Western Australia has approved a change to your business proposal, you must have met the conditions of the State Nomination Agreement of your provisional business visa, including:
    • total capital transfer to Western Australia
    • investment in Treasury Bonds

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