State nomination guidelines

Content on this page is to be read in conjunction with the Department of Home Affairs information on State and Territory nominated visa requirements. The Department of Home Affairs is responsible for the assessment of all visa applications.  

Eligible categories for Western Australian State nomination

Western Australian State nomination is available for all categories of provisional and permanent business visas. State nomination is available for both metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia.

The Business Migration Centre is responsible for approving nomination applications on behalf of the Government of Western Australia.

The fee for all State nomination applications is AUD$750. Please note, this is not refundable if an application is refused or withdrawn. You will be required to pay the fee at the end of the online application process.

Contribution to economy

New applicants seeking State nomination must demonstrate that they have submitted a realistic and feasible business proposal based on research and the current Western Australian economy. In addition, they will need to show how their Western Australian business or investment activity will contribute to the State’s economy through the:

  • value of net business and personal assets in Western Australia;
  • creation of new employment and retention of existing employees;
  • expansion of trade in Western Australian goods and/or services
  • development of export markets for Western Australian products and/or services or the replacement of imports;
  • introduction of new skills, expertise, technologies or innovations;
  • business investment in a regional area of Western Australia.

Permanent visa 888 and 892 applicants

Applicants seeking Western Australian State nomination for the 892 State Sponsored Business Owner visa or the 888 Business Innovation and Investment – Business Innovation Stream visa must demonstrate at least two years of active trading in Western Australia, including evidence of sales. Business activity statements (BAS) must be provided as supporting documentation.

Provisional business visa holders seeking State nomination for an 892 or 888 visa must have implemented their original business or investment proposal, or an amended business or investment proposal approved by the Business Migration Centre.

To qualify for State nomination of a visa subclass 888 or 892, applicants must meet all conditions of their State nomination agreement with the Government of Western Australia, as well as the Department of Home Affairs criteria requirements.

Exceptional economic benefit for applicants aged over 55

Provisional visa applicants aged 55 years and over must demonstrate that their proposed business or investment activities will be of exceptional economic benefit to Western Australia (refer to nomination approval guidelines below).

In assessing an exceptional economic contribution, the Business Migration Centre will take into account the nature of the proposed business activity, the value of the capital investment and the extent to which it would impact on the Western Australian economy. Greater consideration will be given to applications that:

  • commit a significant amount of new capital investment
  • generate skilled employment or a large number of new jobs
  • develop export markets or replace imports
  • introduce new skills, expertise, technologies or innovations
  • locate the business activity in a regional area
  • have a significant flow-on effect to other sectors of the economy

It is the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate to the Business Migration Centre that the proposed business activity is of exceptional economic benefit to Western Australia.

Nomination guidelines

All applicants for Western Australian State nomination are required to demonstrate they meet the criteria for State nomination as well as those of the Department of Home Affairs with respect to the business visa they are applying for.

Western Australian State nomination guidelines are reviewed on a regular basis, and may be amended based on the current economic conditions.

Applicants for visa 188 Business Innovation and Investment will be assessed on their economic contribution to the State rather than on their score in the points test.

General guidelines:

  • Visa 188 Business Innovation and Investment  – Business Innovation Stream applicants must propose:
    • For any qualifying business
      • value of total net assets to be in Western Australia of at least AUD$900,000 of which at least AUD$300,000 must be net assets in business.
      • the creation of at least one new permanent job (full-time equivalent) in Western Australia
    • Visa188 Business Innovation and Investment – Investor Stream applicants must propose:
      • value of total net assets to be in Western Australia of at least AUD$2 million, of which at least AUD$1.5 million must be invested into Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) Bonds.

The above commitments must be achieved at the time of State nomination application for the 888 permanent residency visa.

Over 55 years age waiver - exceptional economic benefit

  • Visa 188 Business Innovation, Investment Business stream and visa 188 Investor stream;
    • as a general rule, applicants must exceed the standard State nomination requirements by at least 50 per cent.

Please note that the above information is a guide only and each application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. In some instances increased capital may offset job creation and vice versa.

Conditions of State nomination

As part of the assessment process, the Business Migration Centre may require the applicant to attend a personal interview or to have the business or investment proposal reviewed by an independent source.

Upon arrival in Western Australia, State nominated business migrants are required to notify the Business Migration Centre of their residential and business address in Western Australia. In addition, State nominated business migrants must inform the Business Migration Centre of any changes to their residential and business addresses.

Please note: Western Australian State nomination is not transferable to any other Australian state or territory without the approval of the Business Migration Centre.

If a State nominated provisional visa holder seeks permanent visa nomination from an alternative state or territory government, you must first obtain a release from your original nominator. This release must be obtained prior to seeking State nomination for a permanent business visa.

If you are an existing provisional visa holder and wish to apply for release, you must first complete a State/Territory Nomination Form 1414 (Part C) and have it signed and stamped by your original state or territory government nominator. You may then apply for nomination for a permanent business visa from an alternative state or territory government.