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About the Western Australian Business Migration Centre

The Government of Western Australia welcomes business migrants and recognises and values the positive economic and social contribution that they have made, and continue to make, to this State.

Western Australia has a dynamic business environment with a strong history of international trade and investment. To assist enhance our business environment, we welcome successful business operators from overseas.

The Government of Western Australia established the Business Migration Centre to develop and coordinate its migration programs and initiatives.

This includes:

The Business Migration Centre manages an international marketing program to attract business migrants to Western Australia. This includes participation at overseas commercial and government migration expos, open days, seminars and appointments.

To coordinate its activities and programs, the Business Migration Centre uses a network of local and overseas migration agents, client referring organisations and Western Australia's international trade and investment offices.

The Business Migration Centre is located within the Small Business Development Corporation, a Western Australian Government agency.

For more information about the Business Migration Centre, please contact us.