If you have a successful background in owning or managing a business or investments, and you would like to engage in business or investment activity in Western Australia, you may qualify for the Business Innovation and Investment Program (BIIP).

Business migrants will first enter Western Australia on a five year provisional (temporary residency) visa and after meeting the criteria for owning and managing a business or investment in Western Australia, they may be eligible to apply for a permanent (permanent residency) business visa.

To help assess your eligibility for a Business Visa, please read the criteria on this website.

Prospective business migrants are encouraged to go to the Department of Home Affairs website and conduct a self-assessment against the visa categories. Department of Home Affairs is responsible for the assessment and issue of all Australian visas.

Provisional business visas
Do you want to apply for a provisional (temporary residency) business visa? Temporary residency visas are available for migrants to establish and manage a business or to invest.
Permanent business visas
Do you want to apply for a permanent (permanent residency) business visa? These visas are available to migrants who have successfully met the requirements of their provisional business visa.
State nomination policy guidelines
These guidelines will help you understand what you need to demonstrate to meet the State Nomination requirements.
Business opportunities
Read about the business opportunities available in Western Australia and where to find out more information.
Support and assistance
Not sure where to start? Read the information on this page, designed to help you with the many aspects of relocating and doing business in Western Australia.