Western Australia has a dynamic business environment with a strong history of international trade and investment. It is also home to a third of all ASX (Australia Securities Exchange) listed companies.

The State's services, technologies and specialist manufacturing sectors continue to grow, while mining, petroleum and agriculture lead the nation's exports with products in demand worldwide. 

The Government of Western Australian is committed to supporting diverse business development and economic growth throughout the State. A range of services are available through the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) to assist and support business migrants to relocate to Western Australia. Additional information on business opportunities can be found below.

Some key organisations that can provide assistance

Western Australian newspapers

The following links may also assist you to find businesses in Western Australia

Tourism or hospitality industry

If you would like to operate a business in the tourism or hospitality industry, Tourism WA (State Government) can provide you with assistance about business opportunities.

Business and industry associations

Business and industry associations are a great source of information for people interested in buying or establishing a business. The Australian Government has an online directory containing details of various government agencies and business associations.

Other valuable State and Federal Government resources

Information on regional business opportunities is available from WA's nine Regional Development Commissions (DC)